Radhika Jit

73321510_10156777852464077_7787433035212783616_nI develop messages and tell stories. What stories are we telling, and what’s our tone of voice? How can we lift up the voices of marginalized communities in our work? Whether you are trying to move your organization, campaign, or business practice forward, I can help you develop an authentic voice through storytelling to create change and move diverse audiences.

I am a communications professional with over a decade of experience in non-profits, grassroots campaigns, journalism, public relations, and an extensive writing background. I’m passionate and collaborative, with highly developed skills in editorial creation, developing narratives for local and global audiences, and leading social media strategies and execution.

I provide communications leadership for a variety of nonprofits and campaigns. My services include social media campaigns and management, media relations, copywriting, brand identity, and web development. I support people and organizations to move diverse audiences including media, community constituents, elected leaders, policy makers, donors, and funders.

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