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Song of the Day: Mi Swing Es Tropical

After a massive rainstorm last night in San Francisco, I’ve found myself daydreaming of tropical weather, dresses, and dancing with my toes in warm sand all day. Enter today’s song of the day – Mi Swing Es Tropical, which instantly takes me there. Listening to it on the train if I close my eyes I am there on the beach getting lost in the rhythm. It’s hard not to groove to the smooth beat. It immediately lifts my mood and I hope it does the same for you!

Song of the Day: Es Por Ti

Juanes-Un_Dia_Normal-FrontalThis song of the day was a bit hard to choose because when I listen to a Juanes song, it’s never just one. I can go on for hours listening to his entire catalog of music, yet I always seem to come back to, Es Por Ti from the album, Un Dia Normal. 

The lyrics might be a little corny, but I absolutely love this song. It’s soft, sweet and Juanes’ voice is pitch perfect. In fact, the entire album, which was only his second album released in 2002, is probably my favorite on a whole.

Whenever I’m having a bit of a down day, I can always count on Juanes and most specifically, Es Por Ti, to cheer me up.

Song of the Day: Soul Meets Body

Death_Cab_For_Cutie_-_PlansI don’t know how it I managed to do it, but I had never listened to a Death Cab for Cutie song; it’s just not a genre I really seek out. Sure, maybe I heard it in the background somewhere, or on television, but they never really caught my interest or my ear, until now that is.

I was in a store over the weekend and used an app on my phone to find out what song this was and have been listening to it quite a bit since then.

It’s achingly beautiful. I came to love the lyrics only after a few listens – a very odd occurrence for a person who usually memorizes lyrics by the second listen of a song. Reason being, I just couldn’t get over the haunting melody. In that vain, it reminds me so much of The Cure’s Lovesong, which is a favorite of mine.

It takes a while to build, but it’s worth it once you’re about 2 minutes in, with my favorite lyrics, I do believe it’s true, that there are roads left in both of our shoes. From that point on, the song really soars. Speaking of lyrics, I love songs that allow you to interpret the words however you feel, and this is definitely one of those songs. Just do a quick search of the meaning and you’ll find dozens of different opinions. In my opinion, that’s what makes it even better – you can take whatever personal meaning out of it that you choose.

Give it a listen.