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Ferry Building Flowers

Fresh FlowersAs pretentious as it may seem and as suffocatingly crowded as it gets, the San Francisco Ferry Building Farmer’s Market is a tourist trap I’ll gladly fall under over and over again. Even if it costs me a few more dollars, buying fresh, local ingredients, meals and yes, flowers, it’s worth it – my taste buds agree, while my wallet, not so much.  Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, the Ferry Building is swarmed with food stands, farmers and my  personal favorite – the flower folks.

These beauties are from a little stand that was set up to the left of the Ferry Building entrance and was packed with massive sunflowers and the most vibrant dahlias I’ve ever seen.  $20 for 6 bundles, which had around 3 or 4 stems each – not bad and they lasted for a solid week.

It’s amazing the world of difference fresh flowers can make in brightening your day and the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market is at the top of my list for my weekly dose of sunshine.