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Song of the Day: African Mailman

Nina Simone’s name is once again in the spotlight with a new Netflix series and album to along with it. Her voice felt almost unreal. It has a way of getting under your skin, almost making you uncomfortable. Sometimes that is the best kind of beauty – one that is hard to grasp. However, she wasn’t just her voice. She was a supremely talented arranger and pianist, as is evident in this song of the day: African Mailman. 

It’s beautiful and just about everything I love about groovy, fast-tempo jazz. This is one of those songs that I can have on repeat.

Song of the Day: Fu-Gee-La

I owe a lot of my musical taste to my older cousins who I grew up with. I remember riding around in the backseat of my Uncle’s old hoopty with my cousin driving and blasting some hip hop or R&B song. One of those songs I clearly remember and still love is Fu-Gee-La by the Fugees. This was one of those life changing songs. A song you hear and you just automatically know it’s special. Now years later as I really listen to the lyrics and truly understand what they are saying, it holds even more meaning in my life.

The Fugees changed music with just two albums – The Score, which features their most popular music was sadly the last. I love every song on that album. It instantly transports me to that time in my life, yet it is still so relevant 18 years later.