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Oribe vs. Bumble and Bumble


Full disclosure: I love Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray. L-O-V-E, love. So it will take some kind of magical, fairy dust product to make me no longer use it. Saying that, I am a product junkie and I love testing out new things, even if that means I’m cheating on a favorite.

The salon I get my haircut at uses Bumble & Bumble products, so I’ve tried out a fair amount of items to know what works for me and what doesn’t. The hairsprays are usually pretty reliable, so I decided to give the Thickening DrySpun Finish a whirl, especially having read that it was supposed to be a direct rival to Oribe’s Texturizing spray. Add to that, the girl behind the counter told me I would become addicted to it.

The DrySpun Finish is a bit sticky at first and when it dries, it feels as though your hair is like straw. While it gives a good amount of volume, it’s not as good as advertised. It does helps in adding that “grit” to your hair, which helps in holding styles. In comparison with the amount of product in each can, both work out to be around the same price.

Reality check – this is a decent product and had I never used Oribe’s spray, I probably would have enjoyed it, but alas, I am spoiled. So while I most likely won’t be buying another can of the DrySpun, the one I do have is helpful for spraying all over when I curl my hair, as it helps keeps them in place all day and few fluff-ups bring back the volume throughout the day. Although it does make my hair very dry, so I use it sparingly. I still prefer my Oribe for adding volume at the crown of my hair.

So Oribe still wins the day and I am a fan for life. Have you tried DrySpun? What’s your verdict?


Rave: Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation


Another day, another Giorgio Armani rave. Okay, maybe not, but it sure feels that way. Armani is hands down, my favorite makeup line when it comes to foundations. I wrote a glowing review on the Maestro Fusion Makeup foundation and while I love it for everyday, I needed something with a little more coverage for a slew of upcoming family weddings.

Naturally, I chose the other Armani foundation that is raved about by almost everyone that has used it – the famed Luminous Silk Foundation. I picked mine up from Nordstroms for $60.

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Product Rave: NARS Matte Velvet Lip Pencil

photo (1)

Winter and deep/dark lips – so cliche, but so right! My favorite (actually only) way to wear deeper lip colors is matte formulations. So when I saw the NARS display for their Velvet Matte Lip Pencils, I had to snap at least one up, which happened to be the berry/wine Damned.

I am so glad I did, because these are amazing. They are probably the best matte lip product I’ve used and at $25 a pop, they better be! The NARS website says, “lips are instantly saturated with rich pigments and a velvety matte finish. The long lasting, non-drying formula is enriched with emollients for a creamy texture…” All of that is very true.

My Giorgio Armani Mania


I’ve picked up an expensive habit and it’s name is Giorgio Armani. When I find one product that I absolutely love, I usually like to try out others to see if they follow suit and thus my Armani obsession was born.

In this case, it started with the Maestro Fusion Makeup foundation (which has become a life changing favorite product of mine). I saw it browsing the Nieman Marcus website and after reading the rave reviews, went into the store, got color matched and took the $62 plunge.

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Favorite Fall Lips


I absolutely love Autumn and Winter. There’s something so appealing about the cooler weather, the leaves changing and the lovely fashion.

Then there’s the makeup. I’m not a stickler on not wearing certain makeup looks in certain seasons, but when it comes to colder weather, I adore smokey eyes and deep, rich, dark lips (not together though).

There’s nothing sexier than deep lips in the Autumn and winter and these are a few of my absolute favorites that I’ll be wearing in the coming months.

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Life Changing Beauty Products

tumblr_mucxblZJFV1qbu7uxo1_400Once in a while something comes around that is so amazing, it makes you wonder, where have you been all my life?

There are a few products that I can’t live without. Ones that I’ll be buying until they stop selling it, or somehow are perfected even further by the brand (although I don’t know how). The products below have truly changed my life… Well my beauty life at least!

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