About Me

linkedinHello! I’m Radhika and you’ve landed on my personal blog – a collection of the random thoughts that float in my head on any given day – usually music, books, and day to day life. I’ve written professionally about international development, music, news, beauty/fashion, and sports.

If you landed here by accident or by Googling me, welcome.

If you were looking for my writing portfolio, that’s at http://radhikajit.weebly.com.

Feel free to leave me a comment and check out my contact page to find me on social networks and email.

5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I really enjoy reading your entries. I randomly stumbled across it, and although I’m a guy, I even thoroughly enjoy your monologues on makeup. This is because you write with a sense of enthusiasm and exuberance that is ubiquitous across each word. I look forward to each effervescent entry. Thank you.

  2. I must read your blogs more and more. After reading your blogs it makes me want to write as well. Thank you and keep them coming…

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