Song of the Day: No Room For Doubt

Sometimes hearing a song live completely changes your reaction or attachment to it. I recently went to see Leon Bridges at the Greek on the UC Berkeley campus and didn’t even realize the opening act was Lianne La Havas when I bought the tickets. I had Lianne’s latest album Blood on my Apple music and of course loved her work with Prince but didn’t look into her work in depth.

That changed after seeing her live. What a charming, lovely performer! Lianne’s voice is beautiful, and her performance is so effortless and understated which completes her music style. I chose No Room For Doubt because after hearing it live with just Lianne and her guitar, I haven’t stopped listening to it over and over again. Featuring Willy Mason, it’s a contemplative, quiet song that demands your attention. In fact, when she performed it live, the place was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop. I adore it.

Photo by: Radhika Jit/Berkeley, California, September 2016

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