Song of the Day: Mil Canciones

I stumbled upon La Muza after searching for a song I heard in an episode of Mozart in the Jungle (hello Gael Garcia Bernal). While I couldn’t find that specific song, I was so happy to find this band and haven’t stopped listening to their music ever since. What’s not to love about reggae out of Puerto Rico? The band’s bio says they strive to deliver a message of love, of awareness and commitment to society. That is evident in their lyrics.

Mil Canciones is the one song I find myself going back to over and over. It’s beautiful, relaxed, and perfect for this weather. I also love, love, love the lyrics:

nadie puede parar mi voz (nobody can stop my voice)
me niego a ser esclavo de sus cuentos (I refuse to be a slave to his stories)
mi lucha y mi revolucion (my struggle and my revolution)
no son solo palabras al viento no (They are not just words in the wind not)

A veces no quiero seguir (Sometimes I do not want to follow)
hay veces que quiero llegar (sometimes you want to get)
donde se mezclan las naciones (where nations are mixed)
siento que nacen mil canciones (I feel born thousand songs)

Photo by: La Muza/Facebook

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