Radikal Readings: Remembering Che

Almost 50 years after his death, Ernesto “Che” Guevara is still one of the most controversial figures in politics and popular culture. I can attest to this as someone I was on my recent trip to Cuba displayed disgust and hatred for him, while others expressed admiration. I’ve read a few of Guevara’s books in the past, so when I saw this one in Cuba by his wife Aleida March, I had to pick it up.

This book is touted as being a personal look at the man behind the legend. Aleida shares details of their personal life together. Moments of humor, intimacy, and the depth of their love for one another and their four children. It was a touching look at the man that Aleida loved so passionately, along with the revolutionary figure that is so well known around the world. It’s also full of personal photos – the cover being my favorite of them all.

It’s not without it’s faults as she clearly, with good reason I’m sure, holds back much of their personal anecdotes. What I truly wish was that the reader would get a chance to know more about Aleida herself and all the sacrifices she made as a woman to help her husband focus on his goals.

50 years later, Che’s image is still plastered all throughout Cuba and he continues to be a symbol of revolution. Remembering Che: My Life with Che Guevara, was a nice read to try and understand the man behind the symbol.

FullSizeRender (14)

Photo by: Radhika Jit/California

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