Radikal Travels: Cuba


I’ve been to Cuba‬. Hard to wrap my mind around it. If you’ve read this blog before, you know that I’ve read so much about the history, culture and people of a place so misunderstood to the U.S. So to actually experience it was surreal. Cuba is not “stuck in time.” It and it’s people are ever-evolving; adapting to their circumstances. The art, music, culture and warmth of the people of Cuba are unmatched. It is not an untouched “utopia.” It’s complicated as hell and challenges everything you may have thought you believed or didn’t. Any photos I post here pale in comparison to that magical place, but I thought I would share a slice of what I was able to capture. I hope to return someday to this island that is constantly changing and will no doubt continue to – although I just hope and pray that tourism doesn’t completely obliterate it.

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La Fabrica de la Arte Cubano in #Havana. An art gallery located in an old cooking oil factory.


Afro-Cuban art and rumba alley, Callejon de Jamel in Havana.


Havana’s Malecón – a seawall that stretches 8km long where local Cubanos meet at sunset and in the evening. This night we were lucky to enjoy a free concert as we sat on the wall. People watching at its finest.


Me at the Plaza de la Revolución – where three Popes have spoken and where Fidel Castro gave many of his infamous hours long speeches.


The Museo de la Revolución – in the former Presidential Palace used by #Cuban presidents until the 1959 revolution. The interior was decorated by Tiffany’s and designed to resemble Versailles. It became the Museum of the Revolution in the years after Castro took power.


Inside the palace/museum.


The museum is full of artifacts (and propaganda) from the Cuban Revolution – including blood stained clothing, diaries, and letters. This is a camera Che Guevara used.


Artwork in Cuba is everywhere. You’re bound to stumble upon street art, a gallery or an artist them self on any given street.

IMG_8321 (1)

The streets of Habana Vieja.

IMG_8312 (1)

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