Song of the Day: Have Mercy

erynSometimes you happen to come across a new artist that hasn’t entered the periphery of the general public at large and you thank your lucky stars that you’ve found her at the perfect moment. Eryn Allen Kane is going to be huge – I put money on that. Her voice is pure, powerful, authentic, and sincere. It’s soul. You can literally feel how it comes from the depths of her heart. If soul music is about naked emotion and personal testimony, Eryn Allen Kane captures all of that down to the bones. Her voice feels like honey over my soul.

I found Miss Kane through her collaboration with Prince on his protest song, Baltimore, in memory of Freddie Gray. A quick Google search later and I was hooked in a way that I haven’t been with a new artist in ages. Her two EPs Aviary: Act I and Aviary: Act II are beautiful, raw and soulful from top to bottom, so it’s hard to choose just one song, but Have Mercy is what calls to me at the moment. Have Mercy is just Eryn. As she said herself in an interview with Essence:

Yeah, that’s all me. That’s how I create music. I do the entire thing just like that. Then for my EP I did all my songs like that and then gave it to my friends who are instrumentalists and said, ‘Okay can we translate these vocals into the percussion, the horn sections and the guitar, and this and that?’ They just mimicked the vocals that I was doing on their instruments. That’s how we made the EP. “Have Mercy” is the only all vocal song on there. The rest is live band, but it was made like “Have Mercy.”

Lord Have Mercy, if that is not talent, I don’t know what is. No matter how many times I listen to Have Mercy, I still feel it resonate deep within. It’s so unbelievably beautiful that it brings me to tears at times – pure emotion. I’m looking forward to watching Eryn Allen Kane’s career take off and being that cliched, annoying person who claims, I knew her music when she only had 8k followers on Twitter, because that isn’t going to last, and it sure as hell shouldn’t. It’s only a matter of time.

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