Song of the Day: Leon Bridges: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

Needless to say – things have been a bit crazy, which you may be able to tell from the lack of posts on here. Between work and the holidays it’s hard to find a moment to sit down and pour out my thoughts. That being said, some things are just too good not to write about, and today it’s Leon Bridges.

My coworker recently mentioned his name and this NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert was one of the first videos that popped up on YouTube. I was instantly hooked and immediately bought his album off iTunes. He’s old school, but still so refreshing. Like NPR’s Bob Biolen wrote: “Listening to Leon Bridges, I hear a sound with its heart and soul rooted in 1962. There’s purity in his voice that’s unadorned, untouched and unaffected by 21st-century pop. It’s just soul.”

It’s just soul. Pure, unadorned soul.


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