Song of the Day: Arijit Singh Compilation


Arijit Singh live in Oakland on September 26, 2015.

When it comes to Hindi music, Sonu Nigam has always been my all-time favorite. His voice completely melts my heart, and no one had come close to it. However, Arijit Singh has come in out of nowhere as a close second.

After listening to his new song Saware, I decided to go to his live show last Saturday in Oakland, California and I absolutely fell in love. I already loved his voice from songs like Phir Le Aaya Dil, Mast Magan, and Kabira, but hearing him live is a different experience altogether. His voice is so beautiful that it all just seems so effortless for him when he performs. He belted out a nice mix of his songs, oldies and popular tracks that have influenced him in the course of his life.

It was the first Hindi music concert I’ve been to and it was such a lovely first. I’m sure I’ll be listening to and attending more Arijit concerts in the future. So today I chose this live performance because after his concert I’ve had a mix of his songs stuck in my head and I can’t choose just one to share.


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