Song of the Day: The Charade

14 years later, it was worth the wait. D’Angelo shocked everyone when he dropped his long-awaited third studio album, Black Messiah on Sunday night. What can I say about the album. It is damn near perfect. Just what the music world needs, and what his fans have been waiting for. Recorded in the “old school” analog format, the album is so current, yet such a perfect mix of classic, old sounds.

I could have chosen any one of the 12 tracks as my Song of the Day, like Really Love, which I happened to play non-stop for a couple of hours. Instead, I chose The Charade. The track touches on racism and is so relevant to the movement behind the senseless murders of black men and women that have been happening much to often in the U.S. In fact, The New York Times says the album was rushed up after the events in Ferguson and New York. The album’s cover and liner notes attest to that.

Picture by: Brandale2221

Liner notes from Black Messiah. Picture by: Brandale2221

This song and album is just too much greatness for me to continue. Instead I leave you with a few lyrics and the song below.

All we wanted was a chance to talk
‘Stead we only got outlined in chalk
Feet have bled a million miles we’ve walked
Revealing at the end of the day, the charade

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