Radikal Readings: Drown


After a journalist who’s word I trust recommended Junot Diaz’s writing, I knew I had to pick up his work. Diaz has a series of short stories that appear in the New Yorker, so I decided to go with his first book Drown, which is a collection of short stories.

The collection of 10 stories is based on the Dominican immigrant experience. Diaz’s words are powerful and do not hold anything back when describing the reality of life for his characters. Yet, he holds a measured voice at the same time – not going overboard when describing horrendous odds. They aren’t the most uplifting stories to read, yet they hold a certain amount of resilience in the face of difficulties.

I loved this book. Junot Diaz is a tremendous writer. He writes his characters with such emotion, and on such a personal level. I do not read as much literature as I would like, but Junot Diaz’s writing makes me want to read everything I can get my hands on my him. Amazing book by an amazing writer.


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