Radikal Readings: Women, Culture & Politics


Let me start this post by saying Angela Y. Davis is an amazing woman, whom I look up to. Now that that has been stated, let me say this books can be life-changing for those who don’t know about the history behind the contents. It is dated now (written during the Reagan era) however, that doesn’t diminish the message, and sadly much of it still rings true.

I was born in the Reagan era, thus this book was at the top of my list of works by Davis to read. The collection of essays on being black and female in America and the world is an eye-opening read. Angela Davis gives us an¬†articulate critique of the political, societal, and economic climate that defined the 80s, especially for women. She has such a passion behind her convictions that makes for such an engrossing read. She’s intelligent and provocative in her words.

It is an absolute must-read.


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