Radikal Readings: Latin America Diaries


After reading The Motorcycle Diaries by Ernesto Guevara (Che), I decided to pick up the continuation of that, which Guevara himself called Otra Vez. This diary is a contination of Che’s travels through Latin America, this time without Alberto Granado. He visits Peru, Guatemala, and Mexico (where he would meet Fidel Castro).

This diary includes his entries, as well as letters to his mother, aunt, and friends, as well as poetry and a few journalistic pieces. It is definitely much rougher as Che didn’t get a chance to edit and compile this diary as he did with The Motorcycle Diaries.

It is an interesting look at how Che’s mindset changed from that first trip and continued changing throughout this journey. He also writes about meeting Hilda Gadea who would become his first wife. Again, it’s an interesting look into Ernesto Guevara, and not the myth and legend that was created. A quick read, it’s a must for those interested in his work.


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