Radikal Readings: Looking for History: Dispatches from Latin America

photo 2

This is another case of picking up a book found on a whim at my local bookstore. Latin America’s political history (and present) is fascinating. As many describe it, living in Latin America, politics is always at the surface. The book is a collection of journalistic pieces which touch on figures like Fidel Castro, Eva Peron, and Che Guevara, but the bulk of the chapters are focused on Mexico’s Zapatistas and the PRI, the Colombian narco-terrorists, and more. Nations covered include Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, and Cuba.

Many of these essays first appeared in the New Yorker, but years later are still captivating reads if you are interested in the history and politics of Latin America. Guillermoprieto is fair and balanced, delivering unromantic versions of figures and events. A very insightful read that is a good primer for Latin America’s political history.

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