Song of the Day: Wasting My Young Years

I’m showing my age here, but in my research Wasting My Young Years, by London Grammar is what the kids call trip hop or indie pop. I don’t know; but I do know that I like it. Honestly, it isn’t the genre of music I would normally listen to, even though I do listen to a wealth of different genres. That really doesn’t matter because this song is addictive.

It’s quite a sad, introspective and melancholic song when you really listen to the lyrics. If I was in my early twenties or a teen, I’d probably love them, but while they don’t necessarily resonate with me, it fits the song perfectly. At the same time the beat is a upbeat at times, so it doesn’t fill you with dread. While front-woman Hannah Reid’s are hauntingly perfect for this song.

Oddly, unlike a lot of artists I discover, this is the only song I really enjoyed by the band that falls somewhere between Florence and the Machine and the xx. However, this one song I like is lovely.


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