Look Around

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We forget so often just to take the time out to look up and look around.

I’ve lived in the Bay Area for much of my life and now have worked in San Francisco (or the City as well call it) for a few years. I recently joined a new company that happens to be only a few short blocks from the company I left. Even though it’s such a small difference in location, I quickly realized what a rut I had been in. I took the same route to the office everyday, passed the same things, often the same people and ate at the same places. I was always in a hurry to run to the office, grab coffee or lunch that I forgot to look around.

I work in one of the most amazing cities in the world. A city that is experiencing a technology (and unfortunately, depending on who you are, real estate) boom. The City seems to be on everyone’s lists and lips and I am here, living in it everyday. I became aware that I was taking that for granted.

I now make an effort to get out of office and walk around during lunch. I try new places, take 15 extra minutes to explore different streets and sections. I take the time to soak in my surroundings. Often, I’ll eat lunch outside and just watch people as they walk by. It’s helped me fall in love with the City all over again. So often I’ve taken it for granted; rolling my eyes when a newcomer says how amazing it is. Yet it’s amazing what a difference looking up and looking around can make.

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