Getting Personal: Life Changes

The origins of this blog have evolved vastly since its existance. Originally it was simply a placeholder – a project for a senior project class during my undergrad communications years. When I overhauled it, I decided to turn it into an online diary of sorts. A collection of writing about whatever I fancied. I have been absent from this blog for over a week – something that is rare for me, but with good reason.

At the time I began, I was in a job that had no fulfillment when it came to writing and I was missing it intensely. I craved and longed to write. As any writer will tell you, it is an indescribable ache when you cannot write. Thus Radikal Musings on Daily Life was bornIt has helped quell my need to write, however, I realized just a few days ago that I haven’t written anything personal. When I say personal, I mean I haven’t done what I call an “I” post – a blog that is basically a personal diary that I had thought I would do when I first started.

This realization came to me on my first day of my new job (which explains my absence on here). As part of a fun retreat, a personalized astrology chart was made for each person. One of the first lines on my chart was how I am a secretive person or someone who values my privacy slightly more than others and that I may even choose to keep some things and parts of me hidden. This isn’t something new. In the past, I’ve had friends tell me that they had to pry certain things out of me when it came to my personal life. It isn’t that I purposefully hide these things, I am really inherently a private person.

One of the first things that came to mind after that reading was this blog. I really believe this should be a place where I can turn my thoughts into words on paper (figuratively of course) and that includes my personal life. Of course, I am a private person so some things will stay just that – private. However, you will start noticing more of me in my posts. Starting with this one.

Last week I made a big step in my career towards something that I believe will propel me into my future. I will finally be writing professionally again and not only that, I will be doing so with a good conscience. I will have a reason to my work and a passion that I have in my personal life towards human rights will be conveyed in professional life as well.

It’s been a long journey to get here, but I finally feel as though I am setting off on the right path. If you’re reading this and are struggling with something in your life, I hope my words can help. I promise it will get better. Your hard work will not go unrewarded. Determination does payoff.

I am so excited to start this new journey and I hope you continue to follow me through it.

Best Wishes,



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