Song of the Day: Desculpa Neymar

Today marks the start of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil and I am still feeling completely conflicted. The gist of it is that FIFA is a horribly run organization with a sexist leader (Sepp Blatter) at the helm. Brazil has spent billions on the stadiums, transportation and more for the World Cup, while it’s citizens get evicted from their homes and suffer. It’s a case of the rich getting richer.

So the question is, how do you watch and support a sport that you love so much without supporting an organization worthy of so much disdain? John Oliver of The Daily Show went on a beautifully explained rant (watch here) describing the plight of the futbol fan.

That is the reason I chose Descupla Neymar as the song of the day is simple: I love futbol and watching World Cup games, but basic human rights should not be discarded for the sake of entertainment. Desculpa Neymar is a Brazilian protest song that surfaced this summer and has been shared millions of times on social media. It’s simple and beautiful (unless you understand Portuguese, you can read the lyric translation below, provided by Conz Preti of Buzzfeed).

Listen to the song below and let the Brazilian people know you stand by them.

I’m sorry Neymar,
But during this world cup I won’t be cheering for you,
I’m tired of watching our people fading slowly on TV shows,
In the meantime FIFA worries about standards,
We’re guided by thieves that play dirty to win,
I’m sorry Neymar, I’m not cheering this time.

Parreira I saw,
That Tetra [championship] make people so happy,
But we won’t be real champions spending over 10 billion to have the world cup in the country,
We have beautiful and monumental stadiums,
In the meantime schools and hospitals are about to fail,
Parreira I saw, an abyss between the two Brazils.

Sorry Felipao,
When Cafu lifted the World Cup and showed it,
Your roots in such a solemn moment which turned Jardim Irene in a portrait of Brazil,
The promised spring never came,
Life is worth more than a goal,
And the improvements where are they?
Sorry Felipao, our country didn’t flourish.

I know supporter,
That my simple and honest opinion,
Won’t make you that makes little money and lives poorly,
Stop going to the end together with our team,
Even without money to pay an expensive ticket,
You’ll never stop loving our team wherever they go,
I know supporter, it’s you that is right.

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