Song of the Day: Boom Skit

m-i-a-artwork-tracklist_jpg_630x660_q85M.I.A. is as controversial as they come, but that’s part of the reason I love her. She doesn’t gloss over who she is, talks, singers and raps about what she believes in and doesn’t give a sh*t who doesn’t agree.

Some critics argued that her latest album, Matangi, wasn’t as politically charged as others, but her latest video for the single, Double Bubble Trouble disproves that. It was so controversial, that her record label, Interscope, tried to ban it’s release on the Internet.

The song chose today though, which is actually a short “skit,” is the most in-your-face, confrontational track of the album.

She takes a dig at Western world’s image of her with the lyrics, Boom boom jungle music, go back to India/With your crazy shit, you’re bumming up the area.

It gets personal too, as she raps, Brown girl, brown girl, turn your shit down/You know America don’t want to hear your sound… Let you into Super Bowl/You tried to steal Madonna’s crown/What the fuck you on about?… This ain’t time for your terror dance.

I love that she doesn’t give a flying f*** about what anyone thinks about her and the lyrics prove that, and let’s be honest here for a minute, what she is saying is true.

M.I.A. and her music aren’t for everyone, but there should be more artists like her. You don’t have to agree with her message, but I wish more artists had the need to create art that speaks to their beliefs the way M.I.A. does.


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