The Acceptability of Bashing Women

A woman is a Miss or Ms. when she is single and becomes a Mrs. when she is married. Yet, a man is always a Mr. The terms Miss and Mrs. define a woman by whether she belongs to a man and they are still used to this day. They have become commonplace, yet, this is a prime example of just how sexist our society still is.

This great piece on ESPN with journalist Kate Fagan questioning whether former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling would have gotten just as harsh a punishment if what he said was about women. Make no mistake he is just as sexist and misogynistic as he is racist and bigoted. As Kate Fagan states, it is great that he is gone, while the racist comments are so blatant and everyone was rightfully outraged, the sexist comments were passed over.

Fagan later says, it’s as if women are the last group that you can completely bash and get away with it. In that turn, a prime example was my Twitter feed. It was full of people bashing, rightfully so, Donald Sterling and calling for racial equality. However, some of those very same people turned around and called V. Stiviano (the woman heard on the tape with Donald Sterling) a hoe and gold-digger, and various other things that I don’t care to mention here.

Look, you can have whatever opinion you want to have of a person’s character, but had that been a man in her place with a rich woman, those comments would not be said about her. The issue of pointing the finger at Sterling was turned around and place on Stiviano. Why was this leaked by her? Oh she’s just after his money! These hoes ain’t loyal memes were littered across my timeline. Why is it okay for Chris Brown to sing those lyrics in 2014 and have it be played on mainstream radio? Why give a b*tch your heart when she’d rather have a purse? Why give a b*tch an inch when she’d rather have 9? are just some of the lyrics in that song. Really? How in the world is that acceptable? Why is it okay in this day and age to bash women?

It seems Fagan’s words are true, putting down women is still completely acceptable in our society. Just as the case with fighting racism and bigotry, education, acceptance and understanding are all needed in fighting sexism. We can’t let these things be accepted in this day and age. From name calling to rape culture and on. The fight is far from over and this Donald Sterling case is just another disappointing example.


2 thoughts on “The Acceptability of Bashing Women

  1. aishalcaraz

    You’re absolutely right! It is unfortunate that we live in a world like this. Sometimes I wish that our generation would be the ones to unite and fight for change. We take for granted of how big of a unit we could be if we were as one, change could happen. Unfortunately though, in all of the institutions you’ve named, everything not to do is glorified in the media and everyone, even myself, falls subject. Anyway, I don’t mean to ramble on, love your post!


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