Song of the Day: Shikayatein

Lootera_Cover_ArtSoft, romantic and serene – all qualities I love in Hindi music. In this case Shikayatein from the film Lootera fits the exact bill. In fact, the entire soundtrack follows this cue. Composer Amit Trivedi does a beautiful job relaying music that perfectly fits the artistic period film.

In this case, I watched the film first before falling in love with the music. After watching Ram-Leela, I resolved to watch every film Ranveer Singh has stared in. Turns out, Lootera was my absolute favorite. It is the extreme opposite of every other film the talented actor has done. The combination of literature, history, art, poetry, crime and love with Ranveer’s subtle acting (something very rare if you have watched his other films) is spot on. This being the first film I have seen of Sonakshi Sinha’s I was quite impressed by the young actress as well.

The film is quiet, elegiac and epic all at once. Based on the O Henry short story, The Last Leaf, Lootera is quite possibly one of the best Hindi films I have seen in quite a while.

As beautiful as the film is, the soundtrack drew me in further to a film that excelled in still and quiet moments. There are no foot-tapping, item number songs complete with half English lyrics or rap. Instead, Amit Trivedi’s soundtrack is a bit of a nod to classic Hindi cinema soundtracks. It reminisces on the days of R.D. Burman, rather than the majority of soundtracks released these days. Amitabh Bhattacharya’s lyrics are gorgeous and his vocals are the perfect touch to Shikayatein.  It is a breath of fresh air that stays with you and lingers in your thoughts. If you are craving a quality soundtrack, Lootera is the perfect listen.

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