Song of the Day: Asleep

CD400_outI am not a fan of those little flipgram Instagram videos that are a series of pictures set to music, however, if it means I find an interesting song, so be it. That is precisely how I found Anthony Valadez’s Asleep featuring Anna Wise.

Valadez is a producer, DJ and host of his own show on KCRW in Los Angeles. The description of his show actually perfectly describes the music he produces,¬†Broken beats, soulful key chords with guitar fuzz, combined with yesterday’s dusty drums with tomorrows samples and sounds.

While iTunes categorizes his music as Electronic, it’s a bit more new wave jazz to me. It’s groovy and soothing at the same time. I feel as though I should be sipping a glass of wine with my feet up while I listen to it.

Anna Wise’s dreamy jazz vocals are the perfect compliment to Valadez’s groove. Turns out that annoying 10 seconds of flashing pictures was worth it this time.



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