Romanticizing New York City

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I’ve written a lot about my love of New York City. Romanticizing New York has always been a constant in my life, whether I was young and dreaming, living there in my early 20s, or now after I moved back to San Francisco.

Like so many others, I’m in love with loving the city that never sleeps. There’s something so beautiful about it. It kicks you down so much, yet you still love it.

Even though I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, which isn’t exactly small town, I was always mystified by the allure of the Big Apple. My first visit was when I was 21 and I instantly feel deeper in love. I just knew, no matter what it took, I had to live there, which came two years later.

I moved to New York in the middle of January, otherwise known as, freezing cold, snow and sleet season. The reality of living there was immediate just based on climate alone. One of my favorite memories is watching the snow fall from my window my first week there.

Certain moments will always remain blazoned in my memory. Another moment was a after dancing until 4 am, eating at a diner and walking home at 6 am, only to go up to the roof top of my building – who’s view included the empire state building and both the Brooklyn and George Washington bridges and watching the sunrise. It was the quietest I had ever seen New York City – 6am on a Sunday morning and it was so fantastically beautiful. One of those, pinch me, is this really happening? Am I really living out my dream of living in New York City? It was an odd sensation, as if I was above the city looking down, yet I had never felt so much a part of it and it’s fabric. I felt as though I had become part of the daily bustle and magic that I had once coveted from afar.

In the midst of this romance, I wonder, has it changed the longer I’ve been away. Sometimes it feels like a distant memory, and others, as though it happened yesterday. I often wonder if I will ever find myself living there again, although it seems less likely as the years go by, I would if the right situation presented itself.

The question is – how would my now older, almost thirty year old self react to living in New York? Would I still romanticize it the way I did then and do now? While there is no way to predict the future of my feelings, I really believe through ups and downs, my romance of the city wouldn’t leave.

Even from afar, I still love that City. It has a stronghold on me. Scenes in movies where I can point out obscure restaurants, the street I lived on or places I loved, always leave me feeling nostalgic. I will forever be in love with loving New York City and I’m completely okay with that.

*Photo courtesy of NewYorkCity

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