Song of the Day: Come Away With Me

Norah_Jones_-_Come_Away_With_MeIt’s freezing in San Francisco at the moment… I’m sorry East Coasters, but yes, we’re spoiled and yes, 40s in the day and near 20s at night is super chilly for us.

On chilly days, I love songs that you want to listen to wrapped up in a fluffy throw with fuzzy sock on and a mug full of hot apple cider. Even though I spend my days at an office, the music I listen to can still give me that warm feeling.
Today it’s one of my favorite songs by Norah Jones – Come Away With Me. Probably her most popular track, the soothing and jazzy melody coupled with Norah’s silky voice is a quietly seductive and intimate track. In fact, the whole album, with the same name, (released in 2002 when Norah was just 22 years old) is gorgeous and still remains a favorite of mine.

Now if only I was wrapped up in that warm fuzzy blanket!

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