My Giorgio Armani Mania


I’ve picked up an expensive habit and it’s name is Giorgio Armani. When I find one product that I absolutely love, I usually like to try out others to see if they follow suit and thus my Armani obsession was born.

In this case, it started with the Maestro Fusion Makeup foundation (which has become a life changing favorite product of mine). I saw it browsing the Nieman Marcus website and after reading the rave reviews, went into the store, got color matched and took the $62 plunge.

It takes the term “weightless foundation” to a whole new level. Armani describes it as an ultra-lightweight formula applies easily with an unforgettable sensation, leaving skin moisturized and conditioned for a flawless complexion with pure color pigments that fuse to the skin for coverage with a no-makeup feel. Buildable coverage with a natural finish.

I’m very picky when it comes to foundation. I prefer lighter coverage and less cakey or noticeable foundations, but still want something that is a bit more than a tinted moisturizer. Maestro is the perfect fit. It’s velvety soft when applied and feels almost like a dry oil, but better. I’ve been using it for a few months now and it really is unlike any other foundation I’ve tried.

It comes in a glass bottle with a dropper and I only need three little drops to cover my entire face. I apply with clean hands and it blends seamlessly onto my skin, for a brighter and even complexion. You won’t get super high coverage, but it’s buildable if you want a little something more on some days. It dries immediately, but fair warning – if you have any dry patches it will cling to them like no other.

The real kicker for me was that it only gets better throughout the day. I mean seriously, a foundation that gets better the longer you wear it?! I’m all in! In fact, it looks a bit chalky when first applied, but half an hour later, it’s flawless – almost like a blurred effect. It still looks like new when I get home from work 12 hours after I first applied it and never fades or gets patchy. I also love that I can feel it at all. It literally does not feel like I’m wearing any makeup, unlike the other foundation on my makeup counter at the moment (Chanel Matte Lumiere).

I loved this foundation so much that I decided to pick up the matching concealer – Maestro Eraser, the orange corrector and the Eyes To Kill Mascara in waterproof. The concealer is a bit too thin and doesn’t hold enough coverage for my liking for under the eyes, so I use it as a highlighter, but the correcter is favorite.  I use it under my Clé de Peau Beauté concealer for the perfect dark circle banishing combination. The mascara has quickly become a rival to my favorite Cover Girl Lashblast, and I find myself reaching for it every morning.

Giorgio Armani is known as one of the best high-end luxury beauty lines and I quickly discovered why it’s so popular. I definitely recommend trying it out!

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