Song of the Day: Open

Rhye OpenI love Sade. In fact, the only thing that rivals my love of Sade is Prince. So anytime there is a new artist or group that gets compared to Sade, (or Prince) I have to take a listen.

I first heard Rhye when a friend recommended them solely because they were being compared to Sade. There’s no denying the melodic, down-tempo music and androgynous vocals justify the comparisons – only in that they are the same genre.  I mean, there is only one Sade and no one will top her in my book.

However, the Rhye duo of Michael Milosh and Robin Braun make some pretty intriguing music and the fact that the duo doesn’t feature themselves in their videos or album cover adds to the mysterious vibe the music gives off. In fact, they released their music online without any background information initially. Yet, with all that mystery, the music is the exact opposite; instead it is deeply intimate and soothing.

While I bought the album Woman and listen to all the tracks from time to time, my favorite is still their most popular song, Open. It’s sensual, between-the-sheets kind of music, without being overtly sexual in any way. It’s gorgeous, mesmerizing and hard not to fall in love with.


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