Soundtracking: Ram-Leela

B_Id_427207_ramleelaposterThere was a time that I used to watch multiple Hindi films in a month, but the past few years that number has been reduced to a handful a year. Now I reserve my Hindi film watching only for those that catch my eye somehow, be it the actor (I still watch every Shah Rukh Khan movie and Ranbir Kapoor has become a favorite as well) or music.

I’m late on this one, but the Ram-Leela trailer caught my eye when it released, simply from how drop-dead gorgeous Deepika Padukone looked and soon forgot about it. I only decided to revisit it when I remembered the film was releasing this weekend (November 15th). As I do with most Hindi films, I checked out the soundtrack first, and have quickly fallen in love.

The soundtrack is just what you’d expect from a Sanjay Bhansali film – opulence of classic, folk and contemporary mixed into one. Shenais, dhols, and soft percussions are littered in throughout the well-rounded soundtrack. While you can find similarities to other Bhansali soundtracks, like Devdas and Hum Dil De Chukhe Sanam, Ram-Leela stands out on it’s own.

The sufi Laal Ishq is soothing love song with a classical feel and the temple bell fade away ending is near perfect. Ang Laga De is another with a bit of a haunting classical feel. Aditi Paul’s vocals are great fit for the feel of the song. The only misstep for me is the contemporary item song Ram Chahe Leela, which will probably be the most popular track among the younger crowd.

Yet, hands down my favorite is the Navratri track Nagada Sang Dhol with Shreya Ghoshal (linked below). It’s festive without being too loud and is the perfect upbeat number for the soundtrack. I have to admit, I’m also partial to this track because of the way it was picturised. Deepika looks stunning in a bright red ghagra and her the choreography is spot on. It almost makes me wish I was back in high school and could perform this with my friends… almost.

With the latest round of auto-tuned, wannabe trash that has infiltrated  soundtracks, (*cough* Krrish 3) Ram-Leela isn’t a brand new sound, rather is a breath of fresh air. Totally recommended! I can’t wait to see if the film matches the soundtrack.

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