Radikal Readings: A Woman’s Europe


The only benefit (if there even is one) of being bed-riddengly sick, is being able to catch up on reading and television, because really, what other choice do you have? Since I’ve been basically confined to my bed and couch, I wanted to read something about beautiful and faraway lands.

A Woman’s Europe, edited by Marybeth Bond, is a collection of short (in many cases, very short) stories about women from the United States and Canada living in or visiting Europe on extended vacations. Not every story is amazing and it could’ve used a story or two from Portugal, but overall it’s a nice collection that makes you feel as though you’re hearing about these stories from a friend.

Two of my absolute favorites are In a Soldier’s Care by Nancy Hill and Just Chicken by Kathleen Comstock.

In a Soldier’s Care is Nancy’s utterly romantic tale of falling, briefly, for a young soldier in Italy, sharing sweet kisses at the opera. It’s just about every girl’s European dream. While Just Chicken is about Kathleen’s discovery of “the best chicken I have ever, ever had in my entire life.” in France, and her unlikely friendship with Monsieur Claude Menard.

Another highlight is After Midnight by Stephanie Elizondo Griest, about the not so lovely aspects of living in a country far from home and your loved ones (Russia in this case).

There are numerous other stories that will put a smile on your face, or in my case, make you want to run out and buy the next ticket to an exotic European locale.

If you’re a European romantic, like myself, you’ll love this one!

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