Why I Won’t Use an eReader


I own an iPhone. I have a MacBook Pro. I live in Silicon Valley and I love technology, but I stop just short when it comes to an eReader. I refuse to buy one, even if it’s more “convenient.”

I love reading but I think that’s something that comes with being a writer. I get envious of beautifully written prose, wishing I had thought of it myself. Yet, at the same time it inspires me to be better. My high school creative writing teacher told me to read, and read as much as possible and that never left me.

I have stacks and stacks of books all over the place – classics to new. I love the way they look, the way they smell, the feel of the pages in my hand. I identify with all of those cliche reasons that a person gives for not making the switch. However, there’s more. The feel of a book will forever remind me of being 10 years old, having my father read to me an old tattered book of fables when I couldn’t sleep or had a nightmare. Almost every night he would read until I, or even he, fell asleep and that book still holds a special place in my collection to this day, with it’s broken binding and yellowed pages.

It’s that personal connection to those pages that keeps me coming back. Nothing can replace the feeling of a book. It makes me feel as though I can experience the blood, sweat and tears the author put into the work. There’s something permanent about ink, that an eReader just can’t replace. In a weird way, it’s like coming home.

“They were so sure of it that they printed it in ink, on paper. A screen always feels like we could delete that, change that, move it around. So for a literature-crazed person like me, it’s just not permanent enough.” –  Jonathan Franzen


2 thoughts on “Why I Won’t Use an eReader

  1. bookmammal

    I’m with you–I held out for a long time before I finally bought a kindle. I enjoy being able to take a big selection of books with me when I travel, but NOTHING replaces the feel of an actual book in your hand or the look of actual books on your shelves! I have also been known to purchase a “real” copy of a book I’ve especially liked after I’ve read the kindle version–because I just don’t feel like I really own the book until I have the actual physical book in hand.

    1. radhikajit Post author

      I completely agree about the ease of an eReader when travelling. I have the Kindle app on my phone, but you’re right it just isn’t the same.

      Funny, you say that you don’t really feel like you own the book until you have a physical copy – I agree!


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