Arranged Marriage and the Grey Area

After a debate with a coworker regarding the subject, it got me thinking about the grey area of arranged marriage. While he wanted to see it as black and white and in effect, almost looked down on the entire culture, while I tried to express the grey area.

First things first – I do not agree with arranged marriage in just about every context. It may be fine for some, but it’s not something I believe in, even though I am a product of one.

My parents had an arranged marriage. They were introduced to each other through family friends and dated for a while before deciding to get married. No one forced them. They could have said no, but they decided they wanted to get married and have now been married for 35 years and counting.

With that as an example, the very definition of arranged marriage is a muddled one. Are there people who are forced into it? Yes. However, there are those that are not.

I am the product of a happy arranged marriage, however, there are those that do not share a similar fate. Curiously, they do have a much lower divorce rate than “love” marriages.

All things considered, it is ignorant to think to lump something as completely horrible because you don’t believe it is correct. Whatever your beliefs, there are things we just cannot understand without being there or fully immersing ourselves in that culture, or being born into it.

Cultural acceptance and educating ourselves about different cultures all over the world are all so unbelievably important when it comes to understanding other cultures customs and beliefs. While we may not agree with everything, looking at the grey area is key.


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