Spain, My Love

IMG_0294That’s me in Malaga, Spain. I had been on vacations before – Hawaii, Canada, Australia, the Fiji Islands and more, but Spain? Spain changed my life.

When I was in high school, I was obsessed with all things England. I listened to the BBC, I watched British television, I wanted to live in London and above all I wanted to be British. So naturally, I always thought my first trip across the pond would be to London, but it just so happened to be Spain.

A night of drinks at a cousin/best friend’s house turned into coordinating dates, looking up flights and choosing which cities we would visit. March 2012, 3 girls, 10 days and 4 cities – Barcelona, Madrid, Sevilla and Malaga.

The country stole my heart, between the awe inspiring architecture, the beautiful and genuine people to the late night dinner culture and afternoon sangrias and tapas – there’s magic in Spain. Days were spent walking around each city, taking in everything we could, devouring the cathedrals, cobble stone streets, cafes, restaurants and bars.

However, one of the most beautiful aspects of the country is that beneath the bright, beautiful surface is an undeniable darkness. Streets that hold so many stories of pain and blood. It’s history is haunting. Yet, that makes it all the more beautifully intriguing and that much closer to my heart.

I love you, Spain. If I could have another life time, I would want to be born in that magical place.

2 thoughts on “Spain, My Love

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