Song of the Day: Just Hold On We’re Going Home

I’ve gone through a hate-love-hate-tolerate relationship with Drake. First was hate when his first few songs released and there was tons of buzz around him. It stayed that way until a coworker at the time played Sooner Than Later and I was hooked. I loved Thank Me Later and had it on repeat for weeks. Yet, after the release of Take Care, somewhere along the lines, his voice became grating and irritating and I was back to hating him.

However, with the release of his new single, Just Hold On We’re Going Home, I’ve reached a balance. I admit it, I love the song. I’ve been listening to all day. This is the Drake I like – the vulnerable, lover boy. I’m not a fan of the wannabe tough guy, and while I don’t think that will be going away any time soon, as long as he still gives me this side of his music, I’ll be listening.


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