Music is the Strongest Sense Tied to Memory

Okay, so scent is the strongest sense tied to memory, but throw on a certain song and you can instantly be transported to another time. With Kanye West being in the headlines so much lately it got me thinking about my favorite album of his and why it means so much to me.


Without a doubt, Graduation takes the cake. It might not be his best musically, or have the best lyrics, but it’s so special because it will forever remind me of being 23, away from home for the first time and living in the city of my dreams – New York. Flashing Lights instantly takes me back to dancing on table tops at Lotus with my amazing model friend who knew the DJ. I can’t hear Good Life and not think of the guy I had a ridiculous crush on singing the lyrics at the top of his lungs the first time I met him. Homecoming might not conjure up the best memories as it’s tied to a difficult project I worked on, up until 4 am some nights. Then there’s The Glory, which still makes me smile every time I hear it.

It was magical being in that city and living out a dream I never thought I’d see to fruition and thanks to Kanye I can relive some of those moments whenever I want.

Are there any albums or songs that bring back vivid memories for you?
P.S. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy will always remind me of my time working at the Golden State Warriors, as the album was on repeat at an event I was working at. So seems like Kanye’s tied to a lot of my memories!

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